Being A Fleet Manager

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Taxi firms, companies offering call out services, or delivery and courier businesses are called fleet. Fleet is a group of more than 2 cars and there vehicles are owned or leased by businesses. There is a Fleet manager in a big fleet. Many Fleet managers have in excess of 1000 plus vehicles they are responsible for and with rising fuel costs, driver training needs, residual values and heavier pressures to reduce carbon footprint and CO2 the Fleet Manager of today has a lot to manage.


One of the biggest concerns that a Fleet Manager needs to consider is the driver's wishes and comfort. These days, purchasing the cheapest available van isn't always the best way forward. The car company market continues to grow and is extending over to the van market. An attractive van that is comfortable and desirable to a van driver is more important than ever. It will help to retain the driver and will help to prolong the lifecycle of a van, which notoriously gets used and abused. Many Managers agree that if a driver is happy with the van he is given, he will treat it better and the life of the van will be lengthened.


Another aspect Fleet Managers have to consider is the weight the van can carry. Increasingly, there is pressure to carry more load in one vehicle to help reduce CO2 and optimise efficiency. Most Fleet Managers are faced with the daily question of how can I use fewer vehicles but carry more goods. Optimising the use of each and every van everyday to ensure that the load is sufficiently packed, the deliveries are logistically well organised and the van is working as hard as it possibly can, will ultimately save the company money and time.


The ongoing management of wear and tear, maintenance, servicing and inspection of the fleet is always a large part of the job, but sourcing reliable, attractive vans that boost morale and have a longer life expectancy reduces some of the stress a Manager has to face everyday.


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Being A Fleet Manager

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This article was published on 2010/06/28