Buying used vans online can save your business a bundle

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Many businesses will have the need for a commercial goods vehicle such as a van.  The business may be so successful and in demand that one van may not cut it and a whole fleet will be required.  Whether it’s for delivery services like couriers or a mobile tool shed like a plumber’s van then vans clearly have advantages over smaller vehicles such as a car.

Cars are often too small, even the larger SUV or 4x4 have limited space for commercial use.  A van can often be the best choice as many businesses will need tools and equipment when visiting a customer’s house, rather than having to drive all the way back to your business headquarters they can carry the required equipment inside the van, saving both time and money on transport costs.

Buying commercial vehicles though can be incredibly expensive as many vans and Lorries can cost much more than cars.  The main deciding factor in choosing a van is its size and for some businesses they need larger or taller vehicles to accommodate their load and so can be expected to pay more.

Buying online though can save you money because you can then browse the new and used markets at the same time, once you’ve seen a vehicle that suits your needs and is in good condition then you can arrange to view the vehicle.  Viewing a van is just like viewing a car; you need to check the van over to see if there’s any obvious problems and getting a better idea of the van’s capabilities such as storage room.

It shouldn’t be a problem for most sellers to allow you to test drive the vehicle, if possible ask if you could load the vehicle with some heavy goods to simulate what it will be like when you use it for your business.  This way you should be able to spot any issues with the suspension and brakes which are very important for larger, heavier vehicles.

Whilst they are replaced, Tyres are another factor key to vans, even more so than regular cars due to the added weight and strain being put upon them.  Any clear weaknesses and problems such as the tread being very thin are points to raise with the seller and you could even negotiate the price down if you are going to have to get them replaced.

Many people will be familiar with buying cars and buying a van for your business is very similar.  As long as you take your time to see a few vehicles and have an idea of the size and capacity that your business needs then you should find a van that’s right for you.

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Buying used vans online can save your business a bundle

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This article was published on 2009/09/22