Why a rental van is better than a rental car

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If you are thinking of renting a car, then you have probably looked at a range of different options. However, if you haven't considered a van, then you may want to think again. A van offers many of the benefits of a large car, just on an even bigger scale. So if you have a big family, or a lot of gear, then a van may be the best option. Indeed, there are many situations in which a van is a surprisingly perfect choice.

The biggest advantage of a van is space. If you are looking to hire a large car, then a van may be a better decision. Surprisingly, one of the best ways that a van is bigger is in terms of height. Whilst this may sound counter-intuitive, a high van means that you can get in easier, and you enjoy more legroom and all-round personal space. Also, a higher roof means that you can pile more equipment in the back without taking up legroom. Some vans also have lower entry points, making them ideal for those with mobility problems.

Vans also have a far larger capacity, in terms of both cargo and people. The average van seats seven or eight people, making them a viable option for even the biggest family. Instead of hiring two cars, one van is often a cheaper option, making them better for families on a budget. Whilst the fuel consumption of a van may seem higher, the amount of equipment you are carrying makes it in fact more cost-effective in many situations.

A van will also increase your flexibility. If you are a couple, heading off on holiday, then hiring a van could save you money on your accommodation. Simply pack a tent, hire a van, and explore. A van not only gives you more space for camping gear, but also gives you a backup if the weather is particularly bad. Sleeping in a camper is the perfect way to experience a summer night, and with van rental available from most European airports, whatever country you are travelling to, it is a viable option.

Although you may not have considered a van, thinking about the benefits and the freedom that you get from more space and more seats means that a van is an increasingly attractive option, regardless of the size of your family or your holiday plans. When it comes to vehicle rental, bigger is often better.

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Why a rental van is better than a rental car

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This article was published on 2012/05/28